Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bronx Science Life

Woah! I started up this blog in 8th grade after I discovered my high school results, and posted my "secret" of how to get in. Now as a sophomore though, I guess I'll start talking a little bit of what it's actually like to be in!

I'll start off by saying I LOVE BRONX SCIENCE. I don't care about what you hear from other students. This school really is amazing. It's not perfect obviously, since nothing in this world is to be honest. There's going to be those kids who do bad things, the girls who wear short skirts, and the same awful school lunch you know too well from middle school. However, if you look to the other side, you have this ocean variety of incredible friends, an even greater variety of courses available, and the power to decide your future.

I love that power. The way Bronx Science works is so simple. You work hard, and you'll always get rewarded for it. For example, since I get good grades, I get into good classes. I get into good classes, I get great opportunities. Great opportunities leads to greater living. It's like this school sets you on this track, and it's the track that's taking you to the place you've always wanted and dreamed of being at.

For instance, I took the Bronx Science summer courses. It's this really awesome opportunity to take the extra curricular classes like Health and Art over the summer, and open up a class space for something else during the actual school year or to even get yourself a free period. Thus, in Sophomore year (this year), I'm taking two science research classes: computer science and Intel. (To find out more about my Intel experiences, click here). Intel is amazing because I get to work with the co-founder of GirlsDeveolpIt and CTO of the FlatIron School, Sara J. Chipps. I also get to be in a real working environment with the most incredible adults I'll probably ever meet! Most schools don't offer a class like Intel, so I'm really glad I get to be a part of Bronx Science! Computer science is also amazing. I was dabbling in C#, Java, and HTML on my own already, but this class has helped me grow so much! Again, a class that not all schools may offer.

I barely knocked the tip of the ice burg here! Those were just two of my favorite classes. There's so many courses to take.
However, Bronx Science doesn't just hand you these classes simply by asking for them. I had to work hard for it! I don't remember the grade requirements, but I know if your grades aren't high enough, you won't get certain courses (as I've learned when some of my friends didn't get into computer science). As I've learned, generally getting a 90+ avg in each of your classes will allow you to get into any class you want! (Unless it's said that there's a placement tests required). It's not easy, but the effort is so worth it.

Besides the courses, I really love the student body. There's so many kinds of people, it's hard to say "I don't have friends" in this school! As kids are coming from all different boroughs and places, you won't get kids from a certain neighborhood who have a rep. for having a certain style and a specific this or that.

Everyone. Is. Different.
And I love that.

Everyone is serious. Everyone is fun. I don't know how to describe the students without writing another essay here. All I can say is that there's excitement around every corner and in every hallway!!

I like being in Bronx Science. It just feels like every plan I've had for the future has just been set in high-speed motion! I don't want to stop. I won't stop. I really like Bronx Science.

My advice to the 7th and 8th grades trying to get in: TRY YOUR BEST AND BEST OF LUCK!!
But if you don't get in, it's not the end of the world. If you have the determination, you have the ability to succeed just as much as a student in Bronx Science! It's like reading. ]
To be honest, I have the reading pace of like 2 words per minute and another guy may be able to read 20 words per minute. But even if it takes me 4 hours more, I will still finish the same book and know the same knowledge as him!