This is My Purpose

I'm a student of Bronx High School of Science of class 2012-2016.

When I first heard about specialized high schools and all of that nonsense, I thought about the kind of students that where there. I don't know when I stopped, and took the time to wonder about this, but I did. And as I pictured the students at these specialized high schools, the first thing that came to mind was: nerd. nerd. nerd. That scared me. (No, I don't have this irrational fear of nerds). I'm quite nerdy myself, but to be honest, my weird, idiotic side over powers that nerdy part of me quite often.

So I sat there in panic. I mean how was a weirdo like me going to survive in an ocean of soon-to-be-the-next-Einsteins? But then I went to the open house, and realized the students of Bronx Science were just normal people... with abnormally large brains...but people nonetheless. Honestly, I'm rather looking forward to my time at Bronx Science. It sounds like.. it'll be rather interesting.

With this said, this blog here has two purposes.

Purpose #1
to document my high school years with all the little Einsteins~ ^3^

*note: yes, I will be using emotes/faces/w.e. you call it, in my writing... just because I like to ;)

Purpose #2
to inform and help students who wish to know more about Bronx Science through the eyes of an idiot a student who is going there themselves.

Yes, I shall elaborate more on purpose #2. For you sixth or seventh graders out there, this is the website that'll tell you all about Bronx Science from their educational services to the quality of their school lunch xD.

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