Sunday, November 29, 2015

School Food - Restaurants

Besides food trucks, there's also regular restaurants you can go to.
I would recommend going to these places after school or at least unless you have multiple frees in a row since they are farther than the food trucks.

There is subways, chinese food, pizza, and dunkin donuts.

Near the 4 train subway station, there is subways, chinese food, and pizza !
These are places I usually go after club when I'm too hungry to wait the 2 hour travel time to get some dinner. It's also good to know about these places when you're at school waiting for regents, events like parent teacher conference/college night/etc, and half days!
You can also order chinese food and pizza to the school because the delivery guys know how to get to BxSci ! I have never done it, but I see it all the time. You might have to order a bit early though, so you can get your food in time!

At the Mosholu  train stop (one stop past the Bedford Prk stop on the 4 train), there is Dunkin donuts!

This is legit where I go for coffee and ice cream haa. If you come to school early, you can totally stop by to get some coffee and make it back to school in time. It's about the same walking time/distance to school as it is from Bedford Prk.
If you walk a bit past Dunkin Donuts though, there are actual shops and a Burger King (?? i think - haven't been around since freshman year LOL). It's fun to explore around and see what you're into.

For all these places, I would definitely suggest finding a friend or upperclassman who's willing to go with you because these places shoe which students are in the know and which aren't. It's also definitely helpful if you ever feel the need to get away from school a bit (because you probably will at some point).

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