Sunday, November 29, 2015

School Lunch - Food Trucks

Here's that promised school lunch critique I said I was going to write since day one.

School lunch is the same as every other school. It's the same stuff you get at middle school. cry.

However, Bronx Science luckily has an open campus, so you can go outside and roam around or whatever (as long as you can make it back in time for your next period class).

With this in place, there is a network of food trucks to go to when you don't want reheated leftover "hamburgers" from last week's lunch. To me, there's about four options: Ned's, Michelle's, Jay's, and Tony's. (the trucks go by the names of the owners)

Ned's is my favorite.
It's this green truck closer to the back of the school, near the handball courts. It's a bit far to walk to, but you can trust the food there. The service is friendly and nice! Ned is so chill and doesn't mind some conversation! His helpers are very cool too. There's $1.25 bottled soda LOL. (instead of $2-2.50).
Pro: Friendly and quick service
Con:  Long line. You have to fight for your food! Loudest voice wins (or you just wait until they maybe notice you...)

Jay's has the best breakfast food.
You don't have time make yourself pancakes before school? Don't worry because Jay's has real pancakes to serve! I'm actually amazed how big and toasty their muffins are and the breakfast platters are the best! I think Jay's has real food, but I only go when I'm feeling a "breakfast for lunch" kind of mood. My friend apparently created the diabetes pancake there, where for $7-8 you can get like 7 different types of candy in your pancakes LOL.
Pro: It's the closest truck near the school. It's right out front the entrance.
Con: $$$ it's probably the most expensive out of all the trucks

Tony's halal
I don't eat from here often because it's the farthest from the school. You have to leave pretty early in the lunch period to go and come back. If I ever do get food, I either have a friend get it for me or I go after school. Halal tastes pretty standard, and it feels like real food. Tony isn't the only one who works the food truck. It's pretty much a duo-team, but I don't know them very well. However, they're both super friendlyy and really flamboyant, so I love them!
Pro: Free soda every Wednesdays and Fridays :) [i think this is still a thing? - i don't keep updated tbhh]
Con: you're always going to spend about $5 because there isn't much variety in food choices.

I mention her last because I really don't like her service ;A;. The food is like regular truck food, basically the same as Ned's. However, she is super rude! Michelle is pretty much always angry and grumpy, and she acts like serving you is not worth her time and the hardest thing ever. It's like she didn't know what owning a food truck at a high school meant serving students....
Con: she's ruuuude and i'm pretty sure she has a truck that doesn't meet health requirements

Ice cream truckkks comeeee during the warm season. It's amazing. LOL.

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